A Completed Project

Well, almost anyway.

I have finished a drawing for each of the stories I wrote about in my previous post, and just have a few tweaks and notes from the author for a few of them which I don’t think should be too tricky.  I haven’t spoken to the author of the book bout the fact that I am writing about the work I am doing for him, so if it seems I am being a bit cagey on details I am, as I don’t know how much he would like me to say or show at the moment.  Although now you know he is male…  I will talk to him about it and post updates as and when appropriate.

One of the illustrations involves a character shooting out a light on a porch.  To get the angle I wanted I took a photograph of myself in the pose, the drew over it in my sketchbook to arrange the composition.  I quite liked how it came out, so although I couldn’t use it as the finished illustration I think it’s worth posting here.

I’m looking forward to completing the drawings and the final handover for publishing.  Exciting times.


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