Rain of Poems

On Tuesday this week the Poetry Parnassus festival was launched with a Rain of Poems on the Southbank in London, organised by Chilean collective Casagrande.  100,000 poems being dropped from a helicopter onto an awaiting mass of people below.

It got pretty fierce on the ground with people battling to grab the poems.  I just hope the ones that were caught actually got read, and the point of the poems wasn’t overtaken by the competition of actually catching them.  Either way, there was a lot of excitement, and the glee on people’s faces was pretty amazing.

I took my camera with me, and to be honest it was pretty tricky to get shots while avoiding people backing into me while looking up, but I got a few I’m pleased with.  The last one shows the excitement of the crowd (though one little girl seems to be taking it more seriously than the others).


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