The Incompetent Cook

I have now actually finished all the drawings for the book I have written about before, The Incompetent Cook by Ivor Thomas.  The best way to find out what it’s about is for me to post the blurb from the back of the book and the Introduction, straight from Ivor himself:

“The Incompetent Cook is a novel made up of ten short stories. Together they form a single narrative about a reluctant adventurer who travels the world on a quest to find the compass-bearing that he believes will set the direction for his life. Along the way, fate ambushes him with a sequence of quixotic predicaments that become milestones in his development. Sometimes thriller, sometimes black comedy, sometimes boy’s own adventure, The Incompetent Cook is a cruise full of oddballs and ruffnecks, prize-fighters, crooked cops, Red-Indians, drunken sailors, kidnapping and all kinds of skulduggery. Adding a unique twist to this smorgasbord of action, plot and human singularity, food plays a part in each episode: like in Australia where a kidnapper is saved from jail on account of his lamb shanks with a ragout of mushrooms; or in Israel where a single recipe gets the story-teller a job as cook on board a cargo vessel. (The recipes are provided.) These quirky reminiscences are told with a laid-back humour and fluid simplicity that carry the reader effortlessly through the curls and coils of some tantalising  plots and hilarious situations.  It’s a ‘feel-good’ experience. Read it in a hammock under a palm tree.”

One of the best things about Illustrating this book was that I really enjoyed reading it.  I didn’t quite have a hammock to hand, but spent plenty of time on a sun lounger in the garden in April (before the rains came) getting into it.

The publishing process is now underway, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing the finished product.  When the time comes I will post a link to where it can be bought.

In the meantime have a trot over to Ivor’s website, where you can find out more about him and read some excerpts from the book.

Be seeing you.

The Incompetent Cook front cover


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