One for Our American Chums

It’s unexpectedly turned into a somewhat ornithological week with this second post.

I have to come clean, firstly I realise that this isn’t a new idea, and secondly I was prompted to create it when I heard Shaun Keaveny mention it on the radio during a news item about who would be performing at half time at the Super Bowl this weekend. That’s all I need to say about it really, a disclaimer.

And yes- ornithological.

Super Bowl Superb Owl

A Superb Owl

  1. Since a Cooper’s Hawk visited me in my backyard on the day of the Fall equinox,
    I have to go with the hawks of the sea from Seattle. Follow the Ravens? 😉 Wise owl.

    Cheerz! Uncle Tree Watson

    • TommySW said:

      Sounds like as good a reason as any. I have to admit I’m out of my depth on this one… 🙂

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