Print Designs

Last year I was asked to create some print designs for products to be part of a range of gifts sold by a New York founded homeware store.

I came up with a selection of designs, some went on to be applied to products and some didn’t. But I’m going to post all of those I was pleased with here, starting with these bow tie designs. I think this is when I ratcheted up the splotchiness that my drawings currently have. Which one would you wear?

Splotchy Bow Ties

Splotchy Bow Ties

  1. Ooh, definitely the bottom left one for me. It has what looks like an M in the middle. Loving the splotchy style, little bit wabi sabi? 🙂 xxx

    • TommySW said:

      Thanks gemm, glad you like them 🙂
      I’m not familiar with wabi sabi, but yes- I guess it could be!

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