Some Icons

Ah. It’s nice to be back.

It seems to be that I dip in and out of the blogging world depending on what else I’ve been up to. I’ve spent the last year on a contract creating lots of design work, so the illustration side of things has been quieter. I have created some bits within that job, though, so thought I’d post a few of the things I’ve done over the last 12 months.

The house style of the organisation I was working for is somewhat different to my usual personal style, so it’s been interesting to do something different and I’ve learnt some new tricks!

Firstly, I’ve created lots of sets of icons. Some of them were rehashes of work that had been previously done, but lots were brand new created by me. Here’s a set of six icons for a campaign, and I worked on various treatments for them. I like the flat style, but I think I prefer the look of the ones with a bit of the gradient creeping in. The flat design trend must be over by now, no?! What do you reckon?

Icon Set - Various Treatments ©GLA

Icon Set – Various Treatments

  1. Yes I also prefer the set with gradients too. These are cool.

    • TommySW said:

      Thanks Jessie. It gives them just that extra bit of interest I think.

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