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Last year I was asked to create some print designs for products to be part of a range of gifts sold by a New York founded homeware store.

I came up with a selection of designs, some went on to be applied to products and some didn’t. But I’m going to post all of those I was pleased with here, starting with these bow tie designs. I think this is when I ratcheted up the splotchiness that my drawings currently have. Which one would you wear?

Splotchy Bow Ties

Splotchy Bow Ties


After the success of my last minute Christmas cards back in December I have decided to create a collection of cards for Valentine’s Day.

I know that more and more people are discontented with these Hallmark Holidays, but this can sometimes be a tricky one- you want to stick by your principles and not buy into the commercialism, but at the same time not be seen as a misery guts. What to do?

I have the answer: just choose which of my hi-res designs below you like best, click on it, save to your computer (right click/ctrl click and Save As…), then print it out and stick onto some card and post. Or send it electronically- whichever you like!

The three ideas are fairly different, and I’m not sure which I like best, but the second one is a tribute to the band I have come to realise over the last few years is my favourite band- The Wave Pictures.

Don’t worry if they look off colour, they should be fine when printed.

I’m not really one for making new year’s resolutions. I always really enjoy Christmas and new year, despite, or indeed quite possibly because it often feels a bit like a black hole sucking in time and space.

But, after the final week in December, January does always seem a good time to take stock and work out at least a vague plan for the coming months. I like to decide what my new goals are and identify which of my old goals I haven’t yet achieved. So I have been making lists, starting new sketchbooks and notebooks, and have a few new things I am excited about and looking forward to. Which is a great feeling at the start of a new year. Here we go…

New Year, New work

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For my last post before Christmas I thought I’d share some seasonal spirit.

Below are four Christmas card designs. If you have any last minute cards to send, I have uploaded them at high res so please feel free to download and print to make your own cards. Today is the UK’s last day for first class posting in time for Christmas, so hurry!

Before you do, though, I have just created a page for my Illustration on Facebook. Please do stop by to say hello and like the page!

Christmas Pud Christmas Card Design

Christmas Pud Christmas Card Design

Mince Pie Christmas Card Design

Mince Pie Christmas Card Design

Poinsettia Christmas Card Design

Poinsettia Christmas Card Design

Post Box Christmas Card Design

Post Box Christmas Card Design

Have a great Christmas.

As I mentioned previously my wife and I put a lot of creative energy into making our wedding as exciting as possible, we wanted it to be the best wedding we’d ever been to! One of my favourite pieces we did was this. It’s nothing spectacular on its own, but it’s just a little touch which contributed character to the whole set up.

A good friend of mine offered the use of the CNC machine where he works if we wanted any signs or suchlike made. We had already planned to have a little area set up in the corner with some fancy dress items to use as a photo booth, and we wanted a sign outside to encourage its use. So the offer was perfect.

Booth Sign 3

I sent my friend a file with the border and the words “Roll Up!” to carve from a piece of MDF. He then painted the board white and the lettering and border a snazzy gold. I designed and printed the text in the middle, and we stuck it on- done!

Here it is in situ:

Booth Sign crop

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