Last week I created an illustration for an article on Amelia’s Magazine about the band Fanfarlo‘s new single Cell Song and its video. The look of the illustration was inspired by Ewan Jones Morris’ video, which you should watch here.

If you are unfamiliar with Amelia’s Magazine, it was started by Amelia Gregory initially as a physically published magazine, and is now an online only publication covering four subject matters: Art, Music, Fashion and Earth. Don’t forget to have a read of the article here.

Fanfarlo- Cell Song


I wasn’t going to give this image a post all of its own.

Last Sunday I went to the Windmill in Brixton to see Anders Dal play guitar, with Bob Biggs joining him on harmonica. I took a couple of photos on my phone, and turned one of them into a sketch when I got home which I posted on my Facebook page. I actually had to do it three times because Facebook kept compressing the jpeg, giving the image artifacts all over it, one of my real pet hates, but I couldn’t stop it happening. I did subsequently come up with a solution, but by then I didn’t want to repost it as it had been seen and liked already.

So, more for my own benefit, but also for anyone else who has a need to see the true, crisp image- here it is:

Anders and Bob at the Windmill

Anders and Bob at the Windmill

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