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Best Mum in the World RGBHere it comes again! I’m reposting this from last year, which was actually a repost already. I think three years running is a maximum, so I promise to do some new designs for next year. In the meantime don’t forget next Sunday 6th March, and please help yourself to these free, downloadable Mothers’ Day Cards.

If you feel like supporting my work feel free to have a peruse of my shop to see if anything takes your fancy.



I spent the end of last year and the beginning of this preparing everything I need to launch the next string to my bow, and things are now in place to put it out there. So let me present my new venture: Illustrated Children’s Names.

Comp- Archie

I’m providing personalised framed prints of children’s names illustrated in a magical, mysterious way. The alphabet for these illustrations lurks in the Enchanted Forest, so the little one’s name can be adorned with vines, overgrown secret doors, waterfalls, jewels, enchanted trees, friendly insects and little furry creatures.

These drawings make a lovely addition to a nursery or playroom, either for your own child or as an original and individual personalised present.


My illustrations are a bit different to others out there, not only in the look and feel of the letters, but also in print quality.

The names are Giclée printed on Hahnemühle German Etching 310gsm paper. This is the same method used for high quality fine art digital prints, so you get excellent reproduction which is hard to decipher from the original drawing.

Framed Artwork-1 Online

I’ve selected a frame which I think compliments the illustrations wonderfully. It is a rich nutty brown colour, and is understated at just 20mm wide and 25mm deep. I understand this may not suit every room, though, so I’m offering the illustrations both framed and unframed.

My brand new online shop is now active, you can visit it here. Also available is my epic Brixton Oval panoramic print (more on that next time) and some of my food drawings which I have made into greetings cards.

I’m offering an introductory 20% discount on illustrated children’s names, so please contact me on Facebook or Twitter for the special discount code!

Ah. It’s nice to be back.

It seems to be that I dip in and out of the blogging world depending on what else I’ve been up to. I’ve spent the last year on a contract creating lots of design work, so the illustration side of things has been quieter. I have created some bits within that job, though, so thought I’d post a few of the things I’ve done over the last 12 months.

The house style of the organisation I was working for is somewhat different to my usual personal style, so it’s been interesting to do something different and I’ve learnt some new tricks!

Firstly, I’ve created lots of sets of icons. Some of them were rehashes of work that had been previously done, but lots were brand new created by me. Here’s a set of six icons for a campaign, and I worked on various treatments for them. I like the flat style, but I think I prefer the look of the ones with a bit of the gradient creeping in. The flat design trend must be over by now, no?! What do you reckon?

Icon Set - Various Treatments ©GLA

Icon Set – Various Treatments

Well, this is becoming a bit of a tradition, isn’t it?

I hadn’t actually been planning to do a Father’s day card, I’ve been pretty busy lately with various thing, including preparing to move house. As always, the house move is a good time to declutter and have a good clear out, so this Sunday we’ll be going to Battersea to do a car boot sale.

It suddenly dawned on me it that the boot sale is a week before Father’s day, on the 15th, and could be a great opportunity to sell some handmade cards. So I quickly got to work and knocked up a small collection. Then I realised I could also do a digital version and use it for my usual blog giveaway.

So here they are, and here’s the instructions:

Choose which of my hi-res designs below you want and click on it. You’ll get a PDF version (the colours may appear a little odd) which will either download automatically or will display on the screen depending on your browser. Then you can print it out and stick onto some card and post, or send it electronically.

If any of you Londoners want to buy one of the handmade originals why don’t you come down to Battersea Boot on Sunday! Or if you can’t make it but would like one, drop me a line and we’ll sort something out.


Best Dad Ever

DAD Heart

Happy Fathers Day

Just a quick post this week, to point you in the direction of the illustrations I have done for There are three designs that can be applied to men’s and women’s T shirts, women’s vest tops and sweatshirts. They are all available to buy now, should you so wish.

Although these designs are actually for sale, they are also in fact part of a competition, so if you like what you see, but are not in the market for new threads, you can help me along in the competition by liking, sharing and tweeting from the product pages, links above the images below. Go forth!

Shirt Examples

Juicy Burger

Juicy Burger


Baked Spud

Spud, Beans and Cheese

Boiled Egg and Soldiers

Egg and Soldiers



Last week I created an illustration for an article on Amelia’s Magazine about the band Fanfarlo‘s new single Cell Song and its video. The look of the illustration was inspired by Ewan Jones Morris’ video, which you should watch here.

If you are unfamiliar with Amelia’s Magazine, it was started by Amelia Gregory initially as a physically published magazine, and is now an online only publication covering four subject matters: Art, Music, Fashion and Earth. Don’t forget to have a read of the article here.

Fanfarlo- Cell Song

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