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Best Mum in the World RGBHere it comes again! I’m reposting this from last year, which was actually a repost already. I think three years running is a maximum, so I promise to do some new designs for next year. In the meantime don’t forget next Sunday 6th March, and please help yourself to these free, downloadable Mothers’ Day Cards.

If you feel like supporting my work feel free to have a peruse of my shop to see if anything takes your fancy.



This Sunday in the UK is Mother’s Day, so I have decided to keep up my new tradition and have a little Greetings Giveaway for anyone who may have left their card shopping a bit last minute. There are two options this time- one for your mother and one for the mother of your child. Please help yourself to both if you need them!


Choose which of my hi-res designs below you want and click on it. You’ll see a weird coloured one- this is the one you want for printing so save it to your computer (right click/ctrl click and Save As…), then print it out and stick onto some card and post, or send it electronically.


Yummy Mummy RGB

Best Mum in the World RGB

I thought I’d post a couple of the other cover designs I created for The Incompetent Cook. As you can see if you follow that link, and below, we decided in the end to go with a colour version of one of the drawings from inside the book. 

Here are a couple of initial concepts I came up with that I thought encompassed a lot of the themes from the book. Click for a closer look.

As a point of interest, I was asked the other day whether the drawings were done in colour originally and then published in black and white. The answer is no, they ware all done in black ink with brush and dip pen. The one that I chose to use for the front cover I then put into Photoshop and coloured digitally. Here it is in both forms. Again, click for a better view.

If you want to find out more about the book go the the website,, where you can read more and purchase the book.

I wasn’t going to give this image a post all of its own.

Last Sunday I went to the Windmill in Brixton to see Anders Dal play guitar, with Bob Biggs joining him on harmonica. I took a couple of photos on my phone, and turned one of them into a sketch when I got home which I posted on my Facebook page. I actually had to do it three times because Facebook kept compressing the jpeg, giving the image artifacts all over it, one of my real pet hates, but I couldn’t stop it happening. I did subsequently come up with a solution, but by then I didn’t want to repost it as it had been seen and liked already.

So, more for my own benefit, but also for anyone else who has a need to see the true, crisp image- here it is:

Anders and Bob at the Windmill

Anders and Bob at the Windmill

As I mentioned previously my wife and I put a lot of creative energy into making our wedding as exciting as possible, we wanted it to be the best wedding we’d ever been to! One of my favourite pieces we did was this. It’s nothing spectacular on its own, but it’s just a little touch which contributed character to the whole set up.

A good friend of mine offered the use of the CNC machine where he works if we wanted any signs or suchlike made. We had already planned to have a little area set up in the corner with some fancy dress items to use as a photo booth, and we wanted a sign outside to encourage its use. So the offer was perfect.

Booth Sign 3

I sent my friend a file with the border and the words “Roll Up!” to carve from a piece of MDF. He then painted the board white and the lettering and border a snazzy gold. I designed and printed the text in the middle, and we stuck it on- done!

Here it is in situ:

Booth Sign crop

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