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Here’s a commission I did for a young family. The pregnant wife wanted to give her husband an illustration of the two of them with their as yet unborn son, depicted as a family of superheroes.

The brief was pretty simple: she wanted the characters to be cute, and as the father’s favourite colour is pink there needed to be lots of pink involved. She gave me a few images of the father as a toddler to get a family resemblance in the drawing, and a couple of cute cartoony superhero images she had found to give me an idea of the look she was after.

Lucky for me she did know my style a bit, so knew that the cute look would be more of a ‘leaning towards cute’ than an actual replica of what she had sourced, but it was a good pointer for me.

I was delighted to get excellent feedback from this one when she received it in the post- a good day!


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