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Just a quick post this week, to point you in the direction of the illustrations I have done for There are three designs that can be applied to men’s and women’s T shirts, women’s vest tops and sweatshirts. They are all available to buy now, should you so wish.

Although these designs are actually for sale, they are also in fact part of a competition, so if you like what you see, but are not in the market for new threads, you can help me along in the competition by liking, sharing and tweeting from the product pages, links above the images below. Go forth!

Shirt Examples

Juicy Burger

Juicy Burger


Baked Spud

Spud, Beans and Cheese

Boiled Egg and Soldiers

Egg and Soldiers




This Sunday in the UK is Mother’s Day, so I have decided to keep up my new tradition and have a little Greetings Giveaway for anyone who may have left their card shopping a bit last minute. There are two options this time- one for your mother and one for the mother of your child. Please help yourself to both if you need them!


Choose which of my hi-res designs below you want and click on it. You’ll see a weird coloured one- this is the one you want for printing so save it to your computer (right click/ctrl click and Save As…), then print it out and stick onto some card and post, or send it electronically.


Yummy Mummy RGB

Best Mum in the World RGB

I’m doing a bit of project juggling at the moment, and have lately gone back to the moose drawings I was on a couple of months ago. I’m still working on the general look, and when I left off I had come up with these four different versions of the moose (they are different, I swear). You’ll probably have to click on the image to properly compare them. let me know which you think works the best.

Which moose do you think works the best?

Which moose do you think works the best?

Oh also, yes I know they look silly with the feet chopped off, they will always be in long grass like the one on the top right. I couldn’t find any reference material where they weren’t!

Last year I was asked to create some print designs for products to be part of a range of gifts sold by a New York founded homeware store.

I came up with a selection of designs, some went on to be applied to products and some didn’t. But I’m going to post all of those I was pleased with here, starting with these bow tie designs. I think this is when I ratcheted up the splotchiness that my drawings currently have. Which one would you wear?

Splotchy Bow Ties

Splotchy Bow Ties

After the success of my last minute Christmas cards back in December I have decided to create a collection of cards for Valentine’s Day.

I know that more and more people are discontented with these Hallmark Holidays, but this can sometimes be a tricky one- you want to stick by your principles and not buy into the commercialism, but at the same time not be seen as a misery guts. What to do?

I have the answer: just choose which of my hi-res designs below you like best, click on it, save to your computer (right click/ctrl click and Save As…), then print it out and stick onto some card and post. Or send it electronically- whichever you like!

The three ideas are fairly different, and I’m not sure which I like best, but the second one is a tribute to the band I have come to realise over the last few years is my favourite band- The Wave Pictures.

Don’t worry if they look off colour, they should be fine when printed.

I thought I’d post a couple of the other cover designs I created for The Incompetent Cook. As you can see if you follow that link, and below, we decided in the end to go with a colour version of one of the drawings from inside the book. 

Here are a couple of initial concepts I came up with that I thought encompassed a lot of the themes from the book. Click for a closer look.

As a point of interest, I was asked the other day whether the drawings were done in colour originally and then published in black and white. The answer is no, they ware all done in black ink with brush and dip pen. The one that I chose to use for the front cover I then put into Photoshop and coloured digitally. Here it is in both forms. Again, click for a better view.

If you want to find out more about the book go the the website,, where you can read more and purchase the book.

It’s unexpectedly turned into a somewhat ornithological week with this second post.

I have to come clean, firstly I realise that this isn’t a new idea, and secondly I was prompted to create it when I heard Shaun Keaveny mention it on the radio during a news item about who would be performing at half time at the Super Bowl this weekend. That’s all I need to say about it really, a disclaimer.

And yes- ornithological.

Super Bowl Superb Owl

A Superb Owl

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