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Towards the end of 2014 a project I had been thinking about for a while came to fruition. My idea was to take a single viewpoint of a road junction, preferably with more than four roads converging, and draw the view down every street from that point in one piece of artwork. It sounds quite ambitious, but I didn’t realise how much of a challenge it would become to actually make it work.

As a previous resident of Brixton, and a place I hold close in my heart, I decided my piece should be centred at its busy central crossroads, Brixton Oval.

Brixton Panorama online

Once I had all my studies and viewpoints together the hardest part was keeping the length of the whole thing short enough to be a manageable piece of artwork that people might want to hang on their wall. After several attempts I got it down to something that works.


I first released the piece exclusively in Studio 73 in Brixton Village. However, I’m now delighted to announce this print is available in my online shop here for the first time.

It is a limited edition giclée print, limited to 50 prints, each is signed and numbered.
Giclée printed on Hahnemühle German Etching 310gsm paper.
Measures 758mm x 200mm, and is unframed.


I was commissioned to create a bookplate for a company which has recently created a new library of contemporary and historical books. As the collection is a special one, and relevant to the company the client wanted the bookplate to feature an illustration of their prestigious premises in the West End of London.

The building is on a corner so there was plenty of discussion over which aspect to depict, or whether it should be both. To help the decision making process and give flexibility I did both aspects individually, which I ended up merging digitally to create the final image:

The Final Bookplate

The Final Bookplate

I have removed the client’s logo from this final piece.

The first original drawing

The first original drawing


The second original drawing

The second original drawing

Well, this is becoming a bit of a tradition, isn’t it?

I hadn’t actually been planning to do a Father’s day card, I’ve been pretty busy lately with various thing, including preparing to move house. As always, the house move is a good time to declutter and have a good clear out, so this Sunday we’ll be going to Battersea to do a car boot sale.

It suddenly dawned on me it that the boot sale is a week before Father’s day, on the 15th, and could be a great opportunity to sell some handmade cards. So I quickly got to work and knocked up a small collection. Then I realised I could also do a digital version and use it for my usual blog giveaway.

So here they are, and here’s the instructions:

Choose which of my hi-res designs below you want and click on it. You’ll get a PDF version (the colours may appear a little odd) which will either download automatically or will display on the screen depending on your browser. Then you can print it out and stick onto some card and post, or send it electronically.

If any of you Londoners want to buy one of the handmade originals why don’t you come down to Battersea Boot on Sunday! Or if you can’t make it but would like one, drop me a line and we’ll sort something out.


Best Dad Ever

DAD Heart

Happy Fathers Day

Last year I was asked to create some print designs for products to be part of a range of gifts sold by a New York founded homeware store.

I came up with a selection of designs, some went on to be applied to products and some didn’t. But I’m going to post all of those I was pleased with here, starting with these bow tie designs. I think this is when I ratcheted up the splotchiness that my drawings currently have. Which one would you wear?

Splotchy Bow Ties

Splotchy Bow Ties

I wasn’t going to give this image a post all of its own.

Last Sunday I went to the Windmill in Brixton to see Anders Dal play guitar, with Bob Biggs joining him on harmonica. I took a couple of photos on my phone, and turned one of them into a sketch when I got home which I posted on my Facebook page. I actually had to do it three times because Facebook kept compressing the jpeg, giving the image artifacts all over it, one of my real pet hates, but I couldn’t stop it happening. I did subsequently come up with a solution, but by then I didn’t want to repost it as it had been seen and liked already.

So, more for my own benefit, but also for anyone else who has a need to see the true, crisp image- here it is:

Anders and Bob at the Windmill

Anders and Bob at the Windmill

Here’s the first of my new things for this year. There will be a variety of subjects for these images, some will be based on wordplay, others will be social or political comment. To kick off the year this one is the latter, so I’m going to leave it at that and let it speak for itself.

Housing Bubble

Feel free to leave your comments on the drawing or its subject matter below.

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