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Off the back of the sketch I did of Bellevue Road in Wandsworth, south London, I have had some commissions for similar pieces. This is one such drawing, not strictly the same, but it is made up of a selection of landmarks and important places near the client’s home, put together as one strip. Click on the image for a proper view.




Also I did a fairly detailed study for the dog you can see towards the bottom left. Here’s a time lapse video of the process:

If you like this and would like one of your own- just get in touch.


I’m doing a bit of project juggling at the moment, and have lately gone back to the moose drawings I was on a couple of months ago. I’m still working on the general look, and when I left off I had come up with these four different versions of the moose (they are different, I swear). You’ll probably have to click on the image to properly compare them. let me know which you think works the best.

Which moose do you think works the best?

Which moose do you think works the best?

Oh also, yes I know they look silly with the feet chopped off, they will always be in long grass like the one on the top right. I couldn’t find any reference material where they weren’t!

I thought I’d post a couple of the other cover designs I created for The Incompetent Cook. As you can see if you follow that link, and below, we decided in the end to go with a colour version of one of the drawings from inside the book. 

Here are a couple of initial concepts I came up with that I thought encompassed a lot of the themes from the book. Click for a closer look.

As a point of interest, I was asked the other day whether the drawings were done in colour originally and then published in black and white. The answer is no, they ware all done in black ink with brush and dip pen. The one that I chose to use for the front cover I then put into Photoshop and coloured digitally. Here it is in both forms. Again, click for a better view.

If you want to find out more about the book go the the website,, where you can read more and purchase the book.

I’m not really one for making new year’s resolutions. I always really enjoy Christmas and new year, despite, or indeed quite possibly because it often feels a bit like a black hole sucking in time and space.

But, after the final week in December, January does always seem a good time to take stock and work out at least a vague plan for the coming months. I like to decide what my new goals are and identify which of my old goals I haven’t yet achieved. So I have been making lists, starting new sketchbooks and notebooks, and have a few new things I am excited about and looking forward to. Which is a great feeling at the start of a new year. Here we go…

New Year, New work

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I’m working on a new project, a story set in a forest. It’s a beautifully simple, poignant, calm story for children. My first task is to decide on the look of the drawings- how I want to depict the forest itself, so I have been trying out a few techniques and looks.

The drawings below are just primary ideas, they all need more development. Some of the scenes will have mist flowing between the trees, so the bottom right one has some in it, although I think it’s a bit on the cartoony side. Which is your favourite of the approaches so far? Feedback is welcome in the comments section.

Sketches for a forest

Sketches for a forest

Well, almost anyway.

I have finished a drawing for each of the stories I wrote about in my previous post, and just have a few tweaks and notes from the author for a few of them which I don’t think should be too tricky.  I haven’t spoken to the author of the book bout the fact that I am writing about the work I am doing for him, so if it seems I am being a bit cagey on details I am, as I don’t know how much he would like me to say or show at the moment.  Although now you know he is male…  I will talk to him about it and post updates as and when appropriate.

One of the illustrations involves a character shooting out a light on a porch.  To get the angle I wanted I took a photograph of myself in the pose, the drew over it in my sketchbook to arrange the composition.  I quite liked how it came out, so although I couldn’t use it as the finished illustration I think it’s worth posting here.

I’m looking forward to completing the drawings and the final handover for publishing.  Exciting times.

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